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Citrus Fruits

Dried Foods

Turkey is one of the unique countries in the world for agricultural production and the Turkey’s matchless superiority with respect to agricultural production allows her to produce many agricultural products. Except for some tropical products, almost every kind of agricultural product can be produced on a large scale in Turkey.

Dried fruits are one of Turkey’s major agricultural sectors and Turkey is the most important country in the world with respect to both the production and export of dried fruits. Turkish dried fruits production and exports are extremely high and dominate world markets. Among the dried fruits produced in Turkey, raisins (sultanas), dried apricots and dried figs have the lion’s share. Because of their major importance for agricultural exports, they are regarded as traditional Turkish agricultural export items. Turkey also produces and exports other kinds of dried fruits such as prunes, currants, dried apples, dried pears, dried mulberries, dried peaches etc.

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